Yes, You Can Cure A Yeast Infection From Home

Yeast infections don’t have to get you down, and they you don’t have to be too embarrassed to go to the drugstore to buy a treatment to get rid of them. There are things you can take and do at home to help you get rid of an infection once you have one. We’ll outline some of them just below.


Boric Acid

Several studies have shown that boric acid is a safe and effective way to get rid of a yeast infection. The best part? It’s really inexpensive. You’ll want to double check with your doctor before proceeding, and don’t use this method if you’re pregnant. No studies have been done regarding its effect on the unborn, and it’s better to be safe than sorry! In any case, the basic idea here is to use a gelatin cap vaginally, once per week.

Fungal Creams

Over the counter fungal creams may contain the same ingredients as popular prescription medications. Check labels to be sure, but if you find a match, you can save a ton of money for the same treatment.


Did you know that garlic has anti-fungal properties? It does! Mince two cloves of garlic over a salad and enjoy each day to help fight off an infection.

Cranberry Juice

If you don’t like garlic, try unsweetened cranberry juice, as this will acidify your vaginal secretions and destroy the yeast infection. At least eight ounces a day, and more if you like the taste.

Treat Both Partners

Remember that both men and women can get yeast infections, so if you’re having sex, make sure both partners participate in the treatment. Otherwise, you’ll just keep passing it back and forth to each other.

Finally, avoid douching at all costs. A lot of women do it thinking that it’s healthy, but what it actually does is destroys your body’s natural pH balance and make a yeast infection more likely, not less. Don’t fall into this trap!

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