What is Candida?

Candida is a lees fungus, a fungus and a lees. A very resilient creature. We are coming with contact with it all the time, every where, by the air and by our food.

If our immune system was in order then the fungus would have no effect of our lives. We would have swallow it, destroy it, and get it out of our body with everything else.

If on our intestinal mucous was a normal growth of essential germs who prevent their reproduction, everything would have been ok, but those things have changed. Very often the fungus goes into our system and stay there while the body doesn’t resist it.

Those germs who were suppose to fight it were destroyed by antibiotics, adding chlorine to your drinking water, chemicals in your food and beverages, preservatives, flavorings, smell and color, food acids and many more, slowly the fungus reproduces.

What Is Candida

At first there are no symptoms and you can reach a wrong conclusion that the fungus is harmless, but sooner or later the symptoms will appear. In a worse case it develops hyphae and then its capable to go through the bowel wall to the lymphatic system, travel in the body and settle in different organs like: the lungs, the nose, the urinary tract, vagina, nails, ears etc. The impact in the bowel wall allows undigested food to enter the lymphatic system (Leaky gut syndrome) and causes an allergic reaction for a lot of foods.

Now, all it needs is enough sugar and carbs and the body turns to a wonderful hostel to the unwanted and uninvited parasite who spreads out in the body. Quietly captivating and poisoning the body from the inside.

If in addition, that person live under stress, the condition are ideal for the fungus. With the symptoms starts the search for the source, and as long as you don’t think of a fungus and specifically looking for it, it will remain unidentified.

A routine blood and intestine tests it isn’t possible to find a fungal infection. The right and most precise way to find Candida is a fecal test, that’s taking place in a professional certified lab, it finds or ruling out it’s presence.

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Candida = A fungal or yeast infection

Today we know over hundreds of types of the Candida fungus. From it over 20 are pathogenic – which means, causing diseases in humans. Researches show that these pathogenic types produce over 100 types of toxins.

Each and every one of those might hurt a different system in the body. For example: tartaric acid, thats being discharged by the Candida can cause muscle pain and fibromyalgia disease. The Candida disrupt a wide range of physical and mental functions.

Since the symptoms that the Candida patient suffers from are similar to other known diseases, the danger of wrong diagnosis exist, as a result from that – a non suitable treatment. Therefore, it is important to diagnose the Candida – as a must in order to have the right treatment.

However in routine blood and intestine tests you can’t find fungal infection. The sure way to find Candida is a fecal test, that’s taking place in a professional certified lab, that finds or rules out the presence of fungal infection.

Symptomatic treatment without a thorough lab diagnosis and without taking the individual’s condition in account – might fail and damage your health, will cause unnecessary payments and the loss of trust in the therapist.

Why Candida and Yeast Infection are on the rise now?

The battle for surviving is a part of life. Even though the true basic needs of humanity are few, we didn’t always have these so few. 50 years ago, food wasn’t taken for granted. Having limited means to buy food or food shortage was the norm. To feed a family on a daily basis was a hard task.

Diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, fats in your bloodstream, obesity, heart problems, cancer, autism, allergies, autoimmune diseases, hyperactivity etc were rare. People ate a little and were very active.

A fungal infection was almost unknown. Today 50 years later about a billion of the world population suffers from a fungal infection in the feet, vagina, skin, tung and internal organs.

What happened that so many suffer from Yeast infection and Candida?

Substantial things changed: the food and the medicine. Thanks to the developing industry the shortage disappeared and the abundance came. With it came the not so needed and harmful food, totally unnecessary food. The simple healthy food, made room for the industrialized processed food. Natural flavors and smells were replaced by chemicals. Natural crops were replaced by genetic engineering.

A little became too much and with this deficient nutrition came these new diseases that reflect the tragic mistake that was done here. These chemical contamination doesn’t only hurt the natural environment (Air, land, water, forests) but us as well – to your inner natural environment.

In Addition we were introduced to a whole lot of new medications. Vaccinations, antibiotics, hormones, steroids, analgesics and more. Medications that interfere with our inner balance in such a way no one knows and can’t even imagine yet what are the consequences. And the result – such a weak and confused immune system that it starts to recognize an enemy as a friend and vise versa like with autoimmune diseases in which the body attacks itself.

Is it surprising? That the fungal infection according to new statistics keeps on going up and more up? Is it surprising that scientists are talking about concerning phenomenon that requires a serious intensive investigation?

The damaged immune system is no longer capable stopping a fungal infection. Even the best antibiotics can’t do that job for us. Antibiotics is not a substitute for a proper healthy immune system. A fungal infection is a direct result of a way of life that is inadequate and not natural for us, and thank god we started waking up and choose life.

Ways of being infected by Candida

Men – Genitalia Candida:
Balanoposthitis is an inflammation in the male genitalia caused by the fungus and is manifested with redness, swelling, pain, sores, itch and cracks. The Candida might incubate externally sometimes without symptoms, then the men is a carrier of the Candida and can infect the woman during intercourse.

Women – Genitalia Candida:
The Candida, vagina fungus, during intercourse the man will get infected. Women can catch it in the pool, jacuzzi, sitting on an unclean toilet, as a result of non hygienic lifestyle and as we said during intercourse. It is recommended to wear cotton underwear so you’ll be able to boil it in the wash.

Oral cavity Candida:
There is the possibility of catching it by kissing or oral sex (a concern for oral cavity Candida can raise from spotting a white layer on the mucous membranes mouth). In such case, you shouldn’t share silverware cups etc. With the end of the treatment you need to use a new toothbrush and throw the old one.

Nails and feet Candida:
Very contagious. You should not use shows, socks and shared towels. It is recommended to wear cotton socks so you’ll be able to boil it in the wash.

How To Get Rid Of Your Yeast Infection Watch the Video ►

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