Vaginal Fungus – Vaginal Infection

“Oh no…not again…just a month ago I was done with this vaginal infection…and now the same story of vaginal infection all over again…itches, burns, secretions, I’m so tired of it…”

Vaginal fungus, is a common phenomena that gets worse and worse every year. Every year more women join the Candida hopeless club.
The phenomenons picture, is similar with most women who suffers from a chronic vaginal infection. At first, the doctor prescribes creams and suppository based on a diagnosis he got to by only looking at the patient at the clinic.
In the best case scenario, it helps, but in most cases the treatment soothes it a little, till everything quickly goes back.

How To Get Rid Of Candida / Yeast Infection Watch the Video ►


How To Get Rid Of Candida / Yeast Infection Watch the Video ►

With the symptoms, the woman comes back to the gynecologist who also thinks deep down inside, oh no…not again…

And then the pills are added to the suppositories, like Trican or Flucanol, but the pills too only soothes or – not even.  The active ingredient, fluconazole, only makes the Candida weaker not exterminating it, and Candida glabrata is immune to it altogether.

Without a lab test by a swab, the doctor has no means to know if the type of the Candida is glabrata or any other kind of the fungus.

What have started as an “innocent” vaginal inflammation, can develop a bit by bit to a nightmare. Itches, burns, disturbing secretions or all of the above.

Having intercourse turns to be the origin of suffering and frustration, and every session arouse or worsen the vaginal inflammation.

Needless to say that a vaginal inflammation is accompanied by a very low mood till desperation, with implication on the relationship between the partners.

The woman comes back again and again to the same doctor or goes from one doctor to another and gets from most of them the same treatment and the same attitude, not only her, but in most cases the gynecologists as well are hopeless : on one hand the same patient is coming back on an almost regular basis, with the same symptoms. On the other hand, there is nothing left to give her.

They are both frustrated with each other and only the pharmaceutical companies are happy.

A vaginal fungus and chronic inflammation – Is there really nothing to do?

Do you really need to learn “to live with it”?

To find comfort in the fact that a lot of women suffers from it?

So, is there or isn’t there a solution?

A vaginal fungus – there is a solution!

Definitely, there is something to do, and yes you can get rid of a vaginal fungus even after years of an ongoing suffering.

So what’s the solution?

Before we talk about the solution, maybe it would be better first to understand what is the real problem and why conventional medicine doesn’t fit to treat most of the cases of a chronic vaginal inflammation.

It is not a medical secret that women, after taking antibiotics suffers from an outbreak of an vaginal fungus infection.

It is known that on the vaginal mucosal flora there is friendly and essential bacteria that keeps the body from getting infectious diseases.

It is also known that one of the implications of antibiotics use is the killing of good and bad bacteria as one.

The antibiotics still can’t know right from wrong. Sometimes, the body can rehabilitate it self and repair the damage and produce the missing flora, but many times that is not the case. It depends of the woman’s lifestyle.

If she for example, takes birth control pills and like sweats and kinds of baked goods, or suffers from stress and anxiety, it’s very likely that the flora will not get back to it’s old self and then the fungus will grow with no problem.

Till now, it’s understandable why conventional treatment is based on creams and suppository, but, what’s less known in the gynecology field is that the mucosal intestine has too an important flora that is important to the protection of the body and it too getting destroyed by the antibiotics or unhealthy lifestyle.

That means that not only in the vagina, but also in the intestine the fungus grows with no resistance from the body, the reason for repeated vaginal infections is the fact that the source for the infection is in the intestine, now, it’s clear why a localized treatment only soothes and sometimes even make the symptoms go away for a bit. But it comes back after a short while.

As long as you don’t treat and pay attention to the intestine fungal, every localized treatment for the vaginal fungus may finally fail and cause frustrations.

Treatment for a vaginal infection – so what do we do?

In order to successfully treat a vaginal infection you first have to know:

A. If there is or isn’t Candida in the intestine?

B. What’s the infections level?

C. Fungus type.

D. A vaginal swab have to be taken for a lab test, in order to know for sure if it is really an fungal infection or bacterially or even viral.

In most cases the symptoms really are on the fungal infection basis.

But we had a few surprises before and that is why we must conduct a lab test. It’s very important here too, to know the type of the vaginal fungus, that you can only know by a vaginal swab in a lab test.

We also stumbled upon cases that the intestine had albicans Candida growth and the vagina had glabrata Candida (the most resilient type).

Only with these exact details it’s possible to put together the right treatment.

Candida is a serious infection and very stubborn it belongs only in an experienced hands.

With god’s will we succeeded for more than a few years now to diagnose and help countless desperate and tormented women, who proves that our method is not only a theory, but a working proven process.

How To Get Rid Of Candida / Yeast Infection Watch the Video ►

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