The Truth about Candida and Yeast Infection

If I wouldn’t know a thing about Candida and I’d get all the information from doctors, therapists, scientific info and not so much scientific from the internet – what would I think?

I wouldn’t have think at all… I’d be confused.
Each place\person says something else. All of them are big experts, distributing with complete confidence information about Candida. Sometimes the information is correct, sometimes it’s kind of, and sometimes it’s complete nonsense. Sometimes with the title Dr. sometimes without…

What kind of thing I heard they say about Candida?

“There is no such thing”

“Everybody has it”

“Only females have it”

“Only HIV patients have it”

“Candida was invented by charlatans”

This phenomenon is a result of lipids in the blood stream”

Candida is a result of accumulation of heavy metals in the body”

“And even so it’s a natural part of the intestinal flora”

“Candida is deadly”

“You shouldn’t give it any extra attention”

And if that’s not enough, a full body industry grow on the Candida’s back. There are tests and different methods to detect Candida. Plenty of therapist who are not hesitating treating Candida and of course numerous preparations that suppose to solve the problem for sure, once and for all.

If I wouldn’t have known what Candida is…

I’d probably go to a conventional doctor first. I would have explain to him about the bloated stomach, the annoying gas, the lack of energy and fatigue and the sweets and everything else that is heavy on dough cravings. I would have mentioned my not so good mood, the dark circles under my eyes and the difficulty to lose weight even though I’m on a strict diet. I would have report about the extensive shedding I have and the itches I get and so on and so on. He would have listened to me, with patience more or less, and from his gaze alone I’d have already know what he thinks of me and my symptoms. In the good scenario he’ll send me to undergo a colonoscopy. Your condition is normal. Does not justify your symptoms. “No tumors, no polyps, no infection, what do you want?” I’m ashamed. Really what do I want? Just because I don’t feel well, I need to shame the doctor’s diagnostic abilities? He didn’t see anything dramatic, so it must have been my fault. Something is really not ok with me, in the head obviously. Frustrated patients have told me about doctor’s reactions like: “You are imagining, you’ve got nothing” “You are depressed, go see a psychiatrist” “And either the being sick, what do you do?” “Say, you have nothing to get up in the morning for?”

What is less known, is that during those tests the doctors, do see sometimes white spots, do see in the intestine surfaces covered with fungus.

“and…??? What do you do with this information?” I asked the lab manager of a well known hospital in Haifa. “Nothing, we were instructed to ignore it and not to report it” He answered me. Ahhh… it’s simple. Seeing and not saying. Why? Because.

It’s not important to report something like that? I myself saw photos of one of my patients who suffered from heartburns and intestinal pain on top of swollenness and gas. You can distinctly see a red surface, with fungus colonies on it. “What did the doctor say about this photo” “He said I’ve got nothing” “So then why do you suffer?” “He said that maybe it’s psychological”.

This person did not go to a psychiater to ask for drugs that will make his “psychology” better, he came to us. Had a fecal lab test. The result – a fungal infection on level 4. And that is how a level 4 Candida looks like on a petri dish.


What’s going on here?

It might be important to know that mycology (scientific study of fungi) isn’t a major subject in the studies for becoming doctor. Actually it’s not a subject at all. You hear about it for a few hours superficially. Theu here That everybody has it or you shouldn’t pay attention to it or hearing that only HIV patients has it. It depends on which faculty. Is it enough for expressing your opinion later as a doctor, that is expected to be objective, professional, knowledgeable and accurate? It’s not on me to explain the politics and the considerations of the medical system. It is on me to spread the truth.

What is the truth about the Candida and how do I know it?

I brought the Candida issue to the US. Along with some partners. Together we established the only laboratory for diagnosis and detection of Candida. The only lab that specializes in diagnosis and detection of Candida – pathogenic fungal. We’ve done tens of thousands tests since then. We treated thousands of men, women and children.

Where is my knowledge coming from?

From experience. I didn’t hear it, I wasn’t told about it and I wasn’t taught about it. I know what I’m talking about, first hand from working in the field. I know Candida exist and harmful. It is not a fabrication. Not a fabrication of natural therapists and definitely not a fabrication of poor patients who suffers from it.

Candida is a pathogenic lees fungus that arouses disturbances in the various functions of the body. Who ever claims everyone has Candida simply does not have a clue about what he is talking about. No, it’s not a part of the intestinal flora. Yes, it can be there like other pathogenic organisms. But it does not need to be there. A healthy flora and a healthy intestine doesn’t contain pathogenic fungi. The fact is that a little under a third or the subjects are clean of fungi. It’s a fact that a person who had an infection and managed to overcome it, doesn’t have fungus colonies in his intestine.

Why Candida doesn’t belong inside the body?

Very simple. It’s damaging. It’s location does not change the fact that it’s causing damage. It doesn’t belong not to the nails, not to the tongue, not to the ears and not to the mouth. Or to the skin, ot to the vagina, or to the longs, or to the urinary tract, and also not to the intestine. Despite the genius medical suggestion “learn to live with it”, it’s not recommended. Because that life with a fungal infection are, miserable life.

Candida is one of the side effects caused by antibiotics. Antibiotics itself is a toxin made of off fungus and molds. Antibiotics, kills, destroys, and clears the way for the spreading, taking over, complicating Candida.

Candida produces over 100 mycotoxins that continues the antibiotics’ job, ruin and destroying important and wanted bacteria in the body’s mucosity. Particularly in the intestine. If someone still doesn’t know it, acetaldehyde, is one of the Candida’s products, is a toxic and dangerous to the human body toxin, that will grow and get “smarter”. Phrases like “Candida doesn’t exist” or “It’s harmless” are unknowledgable and meaningless phrases. Even science thinks differently.

Plenty of studies are conducted on the Candida toxins:

Candia is pathogenic lees, a result of a lifestyle that is unsuitable to the human natural body and structure. You can fool us, but not our bodies. What’s good for it, is good for it. What’s bad for it, is bad for it. Simply like that. When our lives are in our palate’s hands, we might pay a very high price for it.

For conclusion, just because your problem is, shown on the blood test too, it doesn’t mean that now they really know what is wrong with you, and just because they can’t find what is wrong with you, it doesn’t mean that you are crazy and something really is wrong with you. If there is no certain diagnosis, there is no treatment.

How to diagnose Candida?

It depends. If you want “instant” a test on the spot, you can go with any method. Blood test, spitting to a guess, questioning, guessing. If you want something a little more serious than that, you do a lab test and check through your body’s secretions: feces to check what is going on in the intestine, a vaginal swab in order to know what’s going on it the vagina and so on. For a correct and thorough treatment, knowing the fungi’s location, level and type is essential. A lot of long and expensive treatments have failed because the therapist identify correctly the Candida but didn’t put any thought about to it’s level and didn’t conduct a lab test. Obviously a low level infection doesn’t require, a powerful long treatment like a high level infection. A high level infection, requires strong and highly efficient medications right from the start if we want to prevent the condition from getting worse and any other complications.

Can you get rid of fungi? Yes, it’s possible.

Are there any shortcuts to the diagnosis and treatment? No, there isn’t.

You need patience, right diagnose, and professional guidance. So help us god. There is still no substitution for the truth, knowledge and experience.

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