Treating Candida and Yeast Infection

Yeast Infection and Candida treatment like every other treatment starts with the right diagnosis. There are different methods in the natural medicine that can point a suspicion for Candida, but upon suspicion alone you don’t start such a heavy treatment, not for Candida and not for anything else. The only diagnosis that justify a complicated treatment like with the Candida is a certified lab diagnosis, there the microbiologist determines if there is or isn’t Candida growth, the infection level and the Candida type.

The only way to know all this data is still the classic method of planting samples on petri dishes, incubation, coloration testings and microscope. All these details are necessary in order to put together the most exact treatment for the individual who suffers from Candida. Any other diagnosis method raise a suspicion for fungal infection that requires lab confirmation, as was explained before.
Treatment for Candida and Yeast Infection
Only after it is for sure that you know it is Candida you have, you should start the treatment.

Sometimes, a false impression is made, that treating Candida or Yeast Infection is pretty simple and anybody who studied a little something in natural medicine can treat a fungal infection. In reality it is false indeed. Fungus are one of the most resilient creatures in nature, and who ever had nail fungus can say so. When the fungus “set” in the intestine it’s very hard to get rid of it. The Candida, has it’s own character, it changes a dresses another form according to it’s environment. It’s essential to know it’s abilities and what it needs to survive, and give treatment accordingly.

Again, it’s not easy to get rid of a fungus. The Candida patient’s treatment belongs in very experienced hands. We are talking about an infection and every infection brings different symptoms in different people. Obviously, there is no standard treatment, not everybody has the same symptoms hence the treatment approach is not the same for everybody.

It’s important to find out what’s the reason for the Candida to outbreak. Maybe it’s an old antibiotic treatment or exaggerated consumption of carbs, maybe hormonal imbalance (women), acidity in the intestine, prolonged stress and so on.

The Antifungal Diet

The antifungal diet is not standardized, the menu needs to suit the patient. You need to differ between diabetic people to hypoglycemic people, overweight and underweight etc. Lack of understanding the needed diet for treating Candida, might cause unwanted results and even damage your health.

When putting together the menu you need to take in account the patient’s personal needs, his ability to follow the menu, lifestyle and of course food sensitivities. Almost everyone have some food sensitivities it’s important diagnose it before building the daily menu. Again, there is no one treatment for everybody. Medication choices, are not very easy either. The choice for the anti-fungal preparation depends on the infection level, fungus type, the symptoms intensity and the immune system capability to overcome the infection.

Sometimes happens you feel great at the beginning of the treatment, but a month later there is a decrease in that good feeling, and it seems like everything starts all over again. You can prevent this from happening if you know about the fungus ability to change itself according to new conditions and overcoming the treatment. When the treatment for the Candida is suitable, you can see a substantial improvement after 2 weeks to a month.

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A Proper Candida Treatment

There are a lot of proper Candida treatment preparations and it’s good to know what works and efficient and what’s not. The rehabilitation of the intestine flora isn’t simple either and taking only acidophilus, isn’t always the solution.

The intestinal flora growth directly dependent on the PH level. A too acidic environment in the intestine, does not go well with the acidophilus, but allows the Candida to grow. Even an intestine filled with waste and muck will not be impressed by the best probiotics there is.

Probiotics treatment

Before taking probiotics, we need to create the right conditions for the growth a healthy intestinal flora. You need to know when hydrotherapy (Colinc) is helpful and we should avoid it. The emotional aspect too, has an important role in this war. It is very hard to cause substantial changes in the body while the patient is tired and weak or under continuous stress.

After all the points we mentioned, it’s easy to understand that not every therapist can treat Candida and surely not to self treat. It’s important to turn to a naturopath certified to treat Candida. As we said, the expertise is of experienced and professional hands. The process is complicated and sometimes continuous. The good news is that you can bit the hardheaded fungus when you work hard.

In medicine there are no shortcuts or magic tricks. The recovery process can succeed for every one who are willing to work hard for their health.

How To Get Rid Of Your Yeast Infection Watch the Video ►

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