Tongue Oral Candidiasis

Tongue Fungus and Its Treatment

The oral cavity, is the gate and the beginning of the digestive system. The tongue is like the business card for your body health. Clean and healthy tongue indicates in most cases about a well functioning digestive system and a tongue fungus indicates about the contrary about the health.

Tongue Oral Candidiasis

Besides the unpleasant smell and taste and of course the aesthetics, tongue fungus can be a potential cause for a inflammation of the gums, aphtha and the spreading of the infection to the whole oral cavity, the esophagus and even to the intestine.

How does a tongue fungus reaches the intestine?

– Very simple.

With every bite and swallow the food isn’t mixed with saliva alone but with the fungi as well.

Intestine fungus – Candida is the cause of many health issues and symptoms. If all of this is still not enough to start treatment, then in addition the fungus is contagious as too.

Fungus taste kisses are not recommended!

How does a tongue fungus looks like?

Fungus on the tongue is usually manifested by a white or yellow coat and sometimes only spots, but pay attention, not all coat on the tongue indicates fungus infection(Candida).

The tongue is the window to the health condition of the body and it’s inner systems.

A coat layer can also indicate other problems:

  • Inflammation of the gums.
  • Tongue inflammation.
  • Surplus of toxins.
  • Unhygienic mouth rutin.
  • Adverse effect from taking medicines.
  • Digestive problems like Gastritis, constipation and deficient dismantling of food.
  • Diseases that are transferred by sexual acts.
  • Smoking.
  • Incorrect nutrition.
  • And of course a fungal infection – Candida.

To those of you that are curious and brave and want’s to know what’s it all about we recommend you looking at these pictures of tongue fungi in our website.

Tongue fungi can cause painful wounds on the tongue (aphtha) and also inhabit on the oral cavity walls, this brings with it an unremovable white thin coat.

Before any treatment, you of course take a tongue swab lab test and then you know for sure if the fungus is present or not, and if it’s present, what the infection’ level, because treatment is in according to the level and also the fungus type, because there are types that require a special treatment.

“But I’m sure it’s Candida” says the therapist or the doctor.

Could be and could be not!

The “I’m sure” brought many times to unnecessary spendings of time and money.

Testing for tongue fungi

The treatment for tongue fungal

The treatment depends of course on the reason for the infection.

In addition, it is very important to know if the fungal infection is only localized (Tongue) or if it already spread to the intestine. And you have to diagnose that as well through a fecal lab test

Even if the case is localized only, it is highly recommended to see a certified therapist, since fungi is naturally stubborn and resilient and requires professional treatment.

Testing for tongue fungal at home

First of all, clean your tongue every day, but never with your toothbrush!

The toothbrush is always damp and the fungus will happily grow there.

Brushing your teeth with an fungi infected toothbrush is a great danger to the health of your teeth and gums!

It’s recommended to use a disposable plastic tea spoon because it does the jobs in the best way.

Prosthesis and braces require special attending and maintenance to prevent fungi colonies development.

Prostheses, implants and all the artificial materials in the mouth, is the perfect place for the fungus to grow and very often the source of the tongue fungus is in all of those outside artificial things like prostheses, implants and so on.

A healthy mouth is greatly depends on a balanced Ph level.

Cigarettes, gum , candy, smoking and any other chemical substance impact the proper balance of the oral flora and can cause multiplicity of pathogenic fungi and bacteria.

Mouthwash with sodium bicarbonate with the addition of antiseptic aromatic oils like for example the tea tree oil diluted with water can help.

Every experienced naturopathist, has his own methods helping in the case of tongue Candida.

There are also conventional preparations like Daktarin Oral Gel or Oralten or liquid Nystatin for treating against an oral fungus.

If case of a fungal infection in the tongue and in the intestine, it’s not recommended to treat by yourself, it’s necessary to turn to a therapist – professional and experienced.

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