tongue with yeast infection

Tongue Candida and Oral Cavity Treatments

Tongue Fungus Treatment

One of the most common phenomenons in the oral cavity’s population is a fungus named Candida. Not only adults suffers from this tongue fungus, but also children and infants. The fungus can inhabit on the tongue, palate on the tips of the lips or on the walls of the inside cheeks. Sometimes the person doesn’t even know he suffers from a fungus that was inhabited in his oral cavity.

tongue with yeast infection

How Does Tongue Fungus Feels Like?

The phenomenon is accompanied by a sensation of a dry mouth, bitter taste, a bad smell and a white coat on the tongue. Very often the fungus causes burns, inflammation of the gums, cracks on the tongue, aphtha and pain. There is a difference between a white coat caused by a dysfunctional digestive system to a white coat caused by a fungus. How can we know the difference? An not experienced eye can’t see know the difference. The best way for diagnosis is swab tested in a lab specialized in fungus diagnosis.

How to treat an oral cavity fungus

An oral cavity fungus is a symptom of something much worse. Like all the body’s mucosity, also and a specially in the oral cavity we have an army of bacterias which it’s job is to protect us from different infections.

Just think about a little boy and how many things he puts in his mouth during the day and still he isn’t getting any infections. A proper mouth flora is depended on a certain acidity level. If the acidity level isn’t normal then the natural flora is effected.

This enables a variety of infections to inhabit in the oral cavity. In order to successfully treat the mouth fungus we must first rehabilitate the acidity level in the mouth.

What are the factors that disturbs the balanced acidity level in the oral cavity?

Smoking, chemical medicines, gum, candy, drinking coffee, sweetened and diet drinks, acidic food based diet, antibiotics and general neglect of mouth hygiene.

There are conventional and natural preparations which made for destroying the fungus. Treating Candida by destroying the fungus is only half of the treatment. Obviously rehabilitating the mouth flora and removing the cause for the fungus is needed.

Common preparations for treating fungus are: Daktarin Gel which is used for treating babies, Nystatin ready mix which is also used for the treatment of children, Oralten. It is also possible to use natural means for destroying the fungus like ethereal oils – tea tree oil, Myrrh, Salvia, Cloves and more.

Fungus is a very resilient creature and it is not simple to remove it. If it’s hardheaded you’ll have to be more hardheaded than it. The success of the treatment is of course depends on the right nutrition too. Why we know that processed and chemical foods are one of the causes for inhabiting the mouth fungus in the first place. The treatment can be successful even without a nutrition change, but only for a very short while.

What does the treatment includes:

  1. A preparation for removing the fungus – natural or conventional.
  2. Removing the factors that causes the wrong acidity level in the oral cavity.
  3. Rehabilitation of the mouth flora.
  4. Treating the intestine fungus.

It is probable to assume that a mouth fungus will always be accompanied by an intestine fungus. Why? The food we chow absorbs the fungus we’ve got on the tongue and in the oral cavity and from there it goes to our digestive system. If the mouth flora isn’t proper, then it’s safe to assume that the intestinal flora isn’t proper either.

Since we are talking about the same body under the same conditions.That is why it is important to diagnose and treat the intestinal fungus as well. Hence it is recommended to do not only a tongue swab, but also a fecal lab test and then treat the oral cavity and the intestine simultaneously in order to prevent a self reinfection of the body.

Is it possible to get infected by a fungus inhibited in the oral cavity?

Yes. Oral cavity fungus are contagious and it is recommended to avoid kissing.

Changing your toothbrush at least once a month is very important, since fungus prefers dark and damped places and the toothbrush is the ideal place to inhabit in. In that case even the best of treatments will not help.

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