Peachy Keen?

It is amazing the number of ways the medical profession and marketers come up with to get the public to buy a newly developed product. That includes medicines that actually work and are to the benefit of the patient. The most recent of these involving a cure for yeast infection is a probiotic that makes a woman’s vagina smell like peaches.

Cosmetic Non-Surgery

There is no secret that personal appearance and body hygiene are at the top of the list when it comes to attending social events, or for that matter, simply being in a public place. This may be the dominating principle in pursuing the peach scented solution, which is tied into a woman’s DNA. Yeast infections are caused by an overproduction of the Candida bacteria, which causes the odor and itching that accompanies it. Using a probiotic is a preventative measure to keep the bacteria in check.

The Problem with the Solution

Medical experts see the most obvious problem with this peachy solution as the body naturally produces a certain amount of antibacterial substances that are designed to keep Candida and other bacteria in check. It is not as if Candida is naturally allowed to run wild in your body. So adding genetically modified probiotics to the mix may cause more problems than solutions, though this is not yet clear. Perhaps an even greater concern is the general concern for the global overuse of antibiotics, where mutations of bacteria evolve into being resistant to all but the most severe antibiotics.

The quest to cure yeast infections continues, with the biggest problem being whether or not changing a natural process of the body, whether it be with drugs or genetically modified probiotics, is good for the overall health of the woman. While there are some problems that are man-made, the purpose of Candida in the body is well-known as are the bacteria that are intended to keep it in check. It seems a natural problem requires a natural solution.

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