Genetics Found to be Responsible for Yeast Infections

A recent report in the New England Journal of Medicine found that the reason some women are more likely to have recurring episodes of yeast infections is genetically based.

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Genetic Cause

According to the research, certain women have a genetic mutation that allows the cause, candida albicans, to increase with little opposition from their own bodies.

The researchers note that the problem is more easily understandable if your look at a woman’s vagina as an eco system. There is a natural balance that exists and anything that creates an imbalance in that eco system will have long term effects.

If a desert area has several days of rain, the natural ecosystem will be upset and there will be flooding in most parts of the area because the natural order of things has been disturbed.

Hope for the Future

Specifically, the dectin-1 gene is the key gene that is the target of where the mutations occur.
This is important because the specific point of the problem has been identified, so the number of approaches required to solve the problem has been significantly reduced.

The researchers are more than optimistic, calling this a major discovery in the battle to reduce or eliminate yeast infections entirely.

Realistic Solutions

It is true this is all good news, and scientific medicine will eventually decide on the best course to take in the future. But at the same time, women who go through the recurrent bouts of yeast infections may pause to consider whether any future treatment will be holistically beneficial.

Genetic solutions have a long way to go before being labeled completely safe by regulatory agencies, and almost every medical solution has some side effect to it. The studies were done on a relatively small percentage of women, so larger studies are required before attempting to approach a viable solution.

How To Get Rid Of Candida / Yeast Infection Watch the Video ►

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