Candida: a Small Fungus, Causing Big Trouble

For several years candidiasis, which is in the digestive system of each of us, causing one of the arguments most bitter between conventional medicine complementary: While most experts in alternative medicine referred to as responsible for a host of ailments, ranging from infections in the mouth and vagina, for diarrhea, psoriasis and asthma to depression, say most that conventional doctors baseless hysteria.
No wonder then that most doctors during the work on which I commented on the article the word “Candida” dismissively.
Many of them are ridiculed, attacked, called the phenomenon “the invention of alternative medicine” and some doctors relate seriously “fanatics”.
Medicine experts, who are used to this treatment eliminates, this response is not daunting.
After all, they argue, there is more and more conventional doctors who share their opinion and present dozens of studies showing that candida is alive and kicking and causing health damage to millions of people, especially in industrialized countries.
In 1995, for example, were treated in the United States alone about 10 million people suffering candida infection.
However, they add, the number of real patients much larger, but most of them are unaware of the cause of suffering.

When yeast becomes a fungus

Candida, or rather Albicans candidiasis (Candida 150 species) is a yeast fungus that resides permanently in the body and is considered a normal part of the contents of the colon.
Sometimes it is also present in small amounts on the skin, in the mouth and throat and vagina.
The role is not clear, though as long as it is in small quantities is not causing harm.
“Candida is considered normal and quiet tenant body, as long as proper intestinal environment,” says Dr. Mooney Feinstein, a senior gynecologist at Laniado hospital and one of the few doctors believe that Candida significant contribution to morbidity in the West. “Danger begins when the buffer is in the intestine migrates to other places in the body.
In women, for example, the destination of choice is vagina so close to the anus.
But if candida enters the bloodstream it could get anywhere. ”
In good condition, says Dr. Jaffe Shimoni, an expert naturopath, Ramat Gan, candida is controlled by the immune system and a series of friendly bacteria found in the intestines and protect them from infection. “Every cell of Candida are millions of bacteria in the gut ‘good’ that prevent the spread, both through competition for living space and through secretion of anti fungal chemicals. ”
But sometimes this balance is upset and Candida begins to spread, say a medical condition called “candidiasis.”
One of the main culprits in this situation is the widespread use of antibiotics, the good bacteria that affects very gut.
In a study conducted at Beilinson Hospital in the department which was divided into a large number of antibiotics have been many cases of Candida infections compared with other departments.
“Development of candida is largely the fault of modern medicine,” says Dr. Shelley Krimermn, head of intensive care at the hospital Rothschild. “Popped the last ten years a lot of varieties of fungi that did not exist before, mainly because of the uncontrolled use of antibiotics.”
Impact of antibiotics not stop there, because the friendly bacteria produce natural antibiotics, among other things, helps the immune system fight disease.
The result: the elimination of bacteria exposes us to additional infections, and soon makes us need more antibiotics, which causes further destruction of bacteria and Candida further prosperity.

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This vicious cycle can reduce the immune system’s ability to fight off the cold easiest.
Dr. Joseph Brenner, head of the oncology department at Wolfson Hospital: “I do not rule out the possibility of Candida repeats itself over and over again may help even the development of cancerous tumors.”
Even non-steroidal drugs, birth control pills, anti-inflammatory drugs and hormonal imbalance can disrupt the balance in the gut and increase the production of Candida, as well as thyroid disease, diabetes, stress and excessive metals and toxic chemicals.
Another significant factor that contributes to candida breed is a rich menu sugars, empty carbohydrates and yeast, which feeds on candida and are an important part of your diet Western countries.

Drunk and not from wine

When Candida becomes a mushroom Guard is developing a long organ-like roots that penetrate the body through the bowel wall and allow an undigested food particles, bacteria and yeast to slip into the bloodstream.
This phenomenon leads to a series of disorders and diseases.
Diseases in touch with them and Candida counters Experts diabetes, multiple sclerosis, asthma, bronchitis, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, anemia and even depression.
It was also found that the spread of candida may create a type of alcohol enters the blood system and may cause a feeling of levitation, obfuscation and oblivion.
“Many patients suffer from symptoms like candida, which causes them to be in a state of intoxication provider provider poisoning,” says Shimoni. It joins a long list of other possible symptoms such as blurred vision, headaches, weakness, skin infections, colds, aches chest, ear pain, muscle and joint pain, swollen abdomen, flatulence, diarrhea, constipation, depression, anxiety, insomnia, obesity, urinary tract infections and more.
However, most doctors do not believe Candida is able to leave the intestine and spread to healthy human body easily.
“So,” says my Krimermn, “even if the fungus is found in the stool of a patient laxative, it will not receive antifungal therapy.”
HMOs also are not likely to refer patients for testing Candida, and if not present a local problem as a fingernail infection or you will not be listed vaginal antifungal drugs.
In most cases, after you have gone through a number of experts would deny other diseases will be sent home with the diagnosis that the problem is “in your head.”
This is despite the simple stool test, during which a roll of candida population size, can reveal that the problem is actually your intestines.
Haifa lab “complete recovery”, which specializes on fecal examination for diagnosing Candida, argue that the tests conducted there in recent years found in about 75 percent of subjects alarming levels of Candida.
Additional diagnostic laboratories Candida emphasize the actual situation is even worse, since most of the Candida cells clinging to the walls lining the intestines and are excreted in feces, and many are dying as a sample of stool is passed or waiting for analysis.

– So who is wrong?

Prof. Raul Raz, head of infection of the Valley Hospital in Afula, doubts extensive damages attributed to Candida.
“Yes it can cause disease and health problems,” he says, “but only in people whose immune system was badly damaged or crushed, as AIDS patients, cancer patients or people receiving chemotherapy. Proliferation of Candida in healthy individuals causes at most local infection vagina, mouth or fingernails, considered negligible and not treat them life-threatening. fact that you find it in large quantities even feces is meaningless and does not indicate a state of disease. ”
Professor Sylvia Fitlich, Zyahumolog and Director Department of Internal Medicine, Beilinson Campus, “vulnerability Candida typical only for cancer and AIDS, people stayed longer in the ICU and treated with antibiotics wide range steroids, patients receiving intravenous feeding, elderly patients are connected to the catheter, patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy and patients who have had organ transplants and treated with immunosuppressive drugs. among the healthy population and local defects is only slight, although originating in the digestive tract, but mainly because of the large doses of antibiotics and prolonged, and usually they respond to drug therapies. ”

– But the problem tends to recur.

“True, but there is no consensus regarding the cause of this. Unless proven Candida can spread in the bodies of healthy people. On the other hand, due to lack of evidence, 18 years ago we did not believe bacteria can cause ulcers. Later turned out we were wrong. Many claims of alternative medicine that once seemed strange proved to be correct. possible that’s what happens this time. ”
Dr. Feinstein disputes the claim that the evidence can spread Candida. “Already has enough scientific studies that prove that even in healthy individuals Candida infections of the gastrointestinal tract may cause symptoms that justify treatment.
Besides, the facts speak for themselves.
I get treated next to a fungal infection in the vagina complain of other symptoms following treatment pass anti-fungal. ”
To prove that even the whole mushrooms can leave the intestines and get into the blood and urine of people whose immune systems are properly ingested Dr. William Kraus, one of the researchers candida world famous, large amounts of Candida. Within two hours he developed chills and headache, although that was previously completely healthy.
Another study conducted in the United States and that its results were published in 1990, lasted three years and included 854 people who suffered from diarrhea.
The study found Candida is one of the common causes of diarrhea in healthy people.
Another study conducted in 1997 in the United States found high levels of candida in the stool of women with vaginal fungal infections.
CONCLUSIONS: vaginal candidiasis does not appear without the presence of Candida in the colon, and long remain the only treatment goal vagina – a complete cure is not permitted.
These days planning processes Candida “Speedy” extensive research collaboration of the hospitals in the country, among other things tries to present statistical evidence that gastrointestinal Candida infections are more common than is commonly believed.

– So what do we do?

If you suspect you suffer from candida related symptoms, the first thing you do is go to a physician or family doctor and ask to conduct examinations, to rule out the possibility of other diseases the symptoms are similar.
If there was no explanation of your problem, you need to have access to one of the laboratories that specialize in ‘fecal tests’ to detect Candida, because most doctors will not turn you to.

Another option (and probably better one) is to contact one of the experts in the field of alternative medicine who specializes in diagnostic categories and editor of his own from the intersection with laboratory tests.

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Once diagnosed infection of Candida, conventional treatment, provided mainly in cases of fungal nails, vagina or mouth, he ointments, creams and suppositories Anti fungal as Miconzol, Trkonzol, Nissttin, Nizoral, Agistn and Sforenoks or drugs fungicides, like fluconazole, Sforenoks, Lmisil and Nissttin.
Alongside conventional treatments recently entered the market a natural remedy called Colorks, sold as a dietary supplement.
Hcolorks threatens to push the corner most of the anti-fungal preparations.
The main ingredient is an extract Horofito medicine – a fern that grows in the rain forests of New Zealand.
Active substance in the plant hits the candida cell membrane and destroys their cellular structure.
Manufacturers recommend taking two capsules a day for 20 days.
In a few cases, repeat the treatment again or after a few months.
In any case, drink plenty of water during treatment to flush out the toxins generated from the destruction of the fungus.
Some therapists recommend the use of foods and supplements with anti-fungal activity, such as caprylic acid, Taina, fresh garlic, grape seed extract, oregano oil, colloidal silver Kolodieliim, olive oil, sea grass and biotin.
Even garlic and aloe vera are considered to such activities.
All supplements can be purchased at shops nature.
Another way to treat candida is through kinesiology clinic disease through contact with materials Ntoroftiim.
Dr. Feinstein is a strong advocate of her: “This is the only method I was convinced of the efficacy,” he says. “Problem is that it does not sell the basket of health and therefore little access to it.” In most cases require two to three treatments, their side effects amount to a day – two days of fatigue, weakness or nausea, and cases of vaginal candidiasis, worsening local symptoms for one day only.
Either way, most alternative healers claim candida treatment must include the removal of harmful fungi.
One way to achieve this is through washing tripe.
Dr. Dan Wiseman, who are referred for healing and cleansing Colony: “The problem with flushing is that even if the colon is completely cleaned, candida can settle in other areas.
Therefore must add washing using natural fungicides, such as fresh garlic, grape seed extract and more.
At the same time you should drink plenty of water to clean the candida cells emit toxins. ”
At the same time, not least to rebuild the population of friendly bacteria by consuming probiotic supplements, containing such bacteria.
Food supplements can be purchased at any home natural pharmacy.
Dr. Mordechai Hochberg, nutritionist and editor of “Nutrition Plus”, a professional journal on nutrition: “In many cases some probiotic supplements combined with a proper diet to eliminate Candida.
Probiotic supplements are essential when taking anti-fungal medications.
Otherwise be eliminated if the candida bacteria will not be good enough to fill the place – and it goes back into the void. ”
At the same time it is advisable to prevent the spread and strengthening of candida through diet blocking its nutritional sources, which are sugars and mold.
In general should be avoided as much as possible contact with the mold and stay damp environment, because it enters the body either through air.
It is also recommended to increase the acidity of the intestine, because Slkndida difficult to survive in high levels of acidity.
The recommended diet, says Dr. Shim, should be free of sugars, alcohol, yeast and food debris that may contain mold, low in dairy products and fruits and rich in vegetables, eggs, fish, chicken, whole grains and yogurt bio.
If you want to speed up the treatment is also recommended to exercise.
It remains unclear what mechanism causes Candida weakened by exercise, but obviously it happens.
Even meditation or other relaxation techniques recommended tension, because Candida celebrates When you tense.

Are you sick?

The questionnaire before you wrote Dr. William Crook, an American doctor who was considered groundbreaking study of Candida. Answer the following questions yes “or” no. “All positive answer will win you the number of points indicated at the end of the question. Summary points will help you to know if you may be suffer from candida.

  • One. Did you took antibiotics for a long period, or sometimes repeated? (4 points)
  • Two. Did you suffer from recurrent vaginal infections, inflammation of the prostate or urinary tract? (3 points)
  • Three. Did you accompanied by a feeling of “disease throughout the body,” and there was a reason for this? (2 points)
  • Four. Did you suffer from hormonal (menstrual cramps, irregular cycle, sexual dysfunction), a sugar craving, low body temperature or weakness? (2 points)
  • Five. Did you have a particular sensitivity to tobacco smoke, perfumes or chemicals / other odors? (2 points)
  • Six. Did you troubled by problems with concentration or memory or sense of vagueness / “doping”? (2 points)
  • Seven. Did you took non-steroidal drugs for a long time, or birth control pills for more than three years? (2 points)
  • Eight. Did you have allergic reactions to certain foods? (1 point)
  • Nine. Did you suffer from constipation / diarrhea / bloating / abdominal pain lasting? (1 point)
  • Ten. Did you suffer from irritation / burning / rash / excessive dryness in the skin? (1 point)

Women: If scored at least nine points, probably related Candida problem. If scored at least 12 points, almost certainly your problem is related candidiasis.

Men: If you have collected seven points at least, may be intense Your Problems related to Candida. If you have collected ten points or more – almost certainly intense Your Problems related to Candida.

Keep an eye on the liver

Until recently were considered two anti fungal drugs of the new generation – Sforenoks and Lmisil – drugs relatively safe, but in March shook Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of this definition and published data stating that these drugs may, in some cases, damage the liver and cause poisoning ending destruction of liver and myocardial infarction. As a result, the FDA required doctors to increase awareness of the risks involved in taking these drugs and to seriously consider the distribution of funds. At the same time were drug makers to update the physician newsletters and to include recommendations for testing samples toenail fungus and clarify the type of liver function test in patients taking the drug for more than a month.
Our limited survey it became clear that although doctors does not tend to make patients liver function tests or send samples to a laboratory fingernail.
The moment there is no law requiring them to do so.
Ministry of Health claim Bulletin producer brings to the attention of the physician the duty to check liver function and that “the wise use of drugs is the responsibility of doctors.”
However, he added that the response to our appeal, “we will consider the addition bulletin drug that toenail samples to be sent to a lab before starting treatment.”

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