Candida is More Than a “For Women Only” Issue

Ask any married woman. There are only a few parts of the female anatomy men are concerned with. A woman’s health is not something that directly concerns many men unless it directly affects them. It is an uncomfortable truth but a necessary one. If you do not believe me, then ask a man about how a yeast infection in a woman can affect a man.

What You Need to Know

Both men and women can have an over production of candida bacteria in the body, but when talking about an infection specific to the genital area it is only then called a yeast infection. About 3 in four women are likely to have several cases of a yeast infection during their lifetimes. A slightly higher percentage of pregnant women will end up with a yeast infection during their pregnancy. Beyond the possibility of an increased risk in passing it along to the man, an untreated case of a yeast infection can result in painful intercourse for her. That will very likely cool down the temperature of the bedroom.

Preventative Measures

The fact that candida is a normally occurring bacteria in the body, makes it an issue of keeping the growth of the bacteria under control. This is one of the best preventative ways to cure yeast infections – before they get started. It has been found that people who eat yogurt or take probiotics have a lower incidence of any type of candida infection. People who have a higher incidence are the elderly and those with compromised immune systems, such as diabetics.

The Good News

Yeast infections rarely evolve into serious medical complications. If anything, they are uncomfortable to have, require time to eliminate, and are itchy and smelly. For the man, this is one of those instances where her health directly affects your health – sexual and mental – to a large degree. For the woman, a yeast infection, especially when pregnant, is one more complication of pregnancy you need to avoid. For both the man and the woman, once a yeast infection is discovered, ways to cure yeast infection need to be investigated to prevent recurring problems.

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