Candida and the Correct Nutrition

Candida, nutrition and ‘little sins’

The legend tells us about a sneaky fox, who wanted to go into the vineyard, but the breach in the wall was too small for him. The fow fasted for 3 days, lost a little of his weight, got into the vineyard, gobbled down the grapes happily and when he wanted to get back outside the breach was too small for him again. Fasted for a week and got out hungry and embittered…

The message is clear to us all, but as king Solomon the smartest of men said “But love covereth all transgressions” the meaning here is to love oneself, that the person who loves himself too much, he doesn’t see his own crimes and faults.

We all have our own likes, wants and habits who run our lives.

Some we chose consciously, but the bigger part of these habits started back in our childhood.

Then we weren’t thinking what’s healthy…what’s good…what is really effective for our bodies. Maybe, no one thought us, explain to us and helped us developing healthy and good habits.

And today, as adults, we already got used to a certain way of life, and “a habit becomes a second nature” and changing nature, is really not simple to do!

Our habits has taken over us. And then…..with an apologetic smile we take another piece of cake, pizza, hamburger, french fries, soda drinks, coffee with 3 sugar in it, and explaining to all of those who surround us how unhealthy it is and how this habit has to be stopped while everybody knows it will never happened.

We all remember (or maybe not we forgot) that in the past we used to have real food, and it’s purpose was to keep the body in shape and order. Only in rare occasions and events mother would put the cake or the cookies on the table, when she is making sure to god forbid not ruining her loved ones health.

Everything had changed and the “unordinary” became “ordinary”.

Today, our everyday nutrition contains those same things that our wise mothers once prevented from their loved ones mostly: processed food, industrial, chemical, based on white flour, sugar and numerous supplements that are coming from the chemical labs.

With the deterioration of the nutrition cane the deterioration of health conditions of the population.

Then the Candida appears…and how wouldn’t it?

If in the past we ate in order to be alive – now we live in order to eat.
Almost anybody who lost his control on proper eating habits and is eating according to his state of mind, is turning to be the generous host of the Candida.

What does it asks for?

A little warmth, a little water and a little love?

Love for sweets and carbs like pasta and bread,pizza, french fries, cakes, pretzels, chocolate, ice cream, bread etc.

And the generous host looks more and more like a donut, stomach bloated…He becomes very tired…Doesn’t feel good at all…the digestive system isn’t functioning as well either…And he doesn’t understand… What’s happening to him???

After a long search he finds out through a fecal lab test, he suffers from Candida, the therapist tells him that along with the treatment comes also Candida nutrition – A special nutrition is required in order to overcome the fungus.

“Nutrition for Candida” ? Asked the patient while gassing with fear over the right and wrong food table. And his first question is, for how long will he need to be on the Candida diet “and when will I be able to go back to eating normally?” The therapist sigh to himself…And doesn’t even know where to start…

Candida, Yeast Infection and Nutrition

The base to every successful Candida treatment is, first and foremost, a fecal lab test, right nutrition and medication.

It’s annoying, it’s hard but it is also not changeable.

An antifungal diet, what does it mean?
The Candida is a lees fungus, and like every other good yeast it causes fermentation, like for an example in a donut, when flour, yeast, a little bit of warm water and sugar meet…then the party has began.

The yeast “eats” the sugar and that gives him “gas” and the dough goes and rising and rising…

With the growth of Candida in the intestine and with sugar and flour on the menu, almost anybody will feel like and look like he has a donut down his stomach, or a vaginal fungus among females. Hence, it’s obvious that sugar can’t be a part of a Candida diet, and neither yeast and foods that contains sugar like fruits, chocolate, white flour, sweets etc.

Candida loves sugar and carbs and it’s host becomes it’s “slave”. It demands, and he gives her everything to make her happy, almost like in a love story, a “tragic” one.

Therefore it sure needed to quit all those sugars and simple, empty carbs.

Most of the patients in this stage are very frighten, grumble, argumentative and sometimes they even… threaten (“Don’t you dare taking my chocolate away”) and try to start a desperate negotiation with their therapist in order to get a few “discounts”. But to their big surprise they succeed, because when you look at it all, at the end of the day, man is the superior over a little rude fungus who drives him crazy from the inside.

“So what I’m left with to eat?” asks the patient almost bursting into tears…

Truthfully, the majority of the people is on the left side of the Candida diet table (What not to eat) and most of the work and the purpose is to bring them to the right side of the table (What’s good for you to eat).

The good news is that you can definitely support the rehabilitation process with food supplements, homeopathy, medicinal plants and more…in order to regulate the sugar in the blood and to overcome the “dope sick” that continues for a week and that’s it.

What…?  That’s it….?

Yes! That’s it, a week!

We warn you from extreme methods, who recommends to cut off all foods with the slightest hint of sugar like tomatoes, carrots, red pepper and so on. It’s not only too extreme it’s also not recommended health wise.

The possible cost of an extreme diet is: fainting, weakness, nausea, dizziness, rapid pulse, shivers and in short hypoglycemia !

Very often, during the Candida diet an oppressed weakness is revealed, it was hiding behind an excessive consumption of sweets during the day.

Sweet = An immediate supply of energy, through a fast and sudden increase of sugar in the blood stream. An immediate increase which after comes the “drop” till the next dose. It doesn’t only sound like an addiction – It is an addiction. (Note to those who are interested to know: white sugar is a chemical product, hence has no nutritional value).

The truth is that a person with Candida in his intestine is tired and exhausted. Because the fungus impact him through it’s mycotoxins and steal vitamins, minerals and glucose from him. The sweets that the patient got used to eat, didn’t only hide the real condition of tiredness and exhaustion, it was like using a whip on a tired hours.

Candida is a direct result of an unhealthy lifestyle and bad habits.

The question that is asked is; Is the purpose of the treatment is to eventually go back to your old habits who caused the Candida – You answer that.

An experienced therapist, needs to adjust the diet to the needs and abilities of the patient, and sometimes the rehab should be done with compassion and graduality, even if it’s not exactly by the book. You can’t fix 30-40 year mistakes in a second!

Treatment for Candida is also educating to healthy ways.

Understanding the reasons to the sickness and acquiring new habits who builds your health, you can not cheat the body, what ever goes in your mouth, that is what the body is processing.

We can be cheated by commercials and ministry of health seal’s, but bleach and other detergents too has it’s approval. In addition, the seal is on one pac you are eating and not ten.

So what do we eat?  Food!

Food like vegetables, legumes, nuts, eggs, fish, turkey and chicken, wheat flour, like spelt, rye, whole wheat bread without yeast.


Rice, fruits like apple, pear, grapefruit etc.

The emphasis is on foods that are helping to regulate the right PH in the intestine, PH that encourage the growth of the good flora and makes it harder for fungus and other pathogenic creatures to grow and expand.

The treatment duration depends on the level of the infection, type of the fungus and the individuals condition, it can take 2 to 3 months, when the primary goal is to reach the high way, which means, a healthy lifestyle for forever.

To all the shortcut seekers, of a medication, solution once and for all; any treatment of without an antifungal diet and individually adjusted is set for failure.

And again you can not cheat the body, it is always responding correctly.

You can not bend the laws of healthy life, you can only study and respect them.

There is just one more question left…

To eat in order to live or to live in order to eat?

You decide!

Wishing you only health…

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