Candida Across the World

If you are from a Western nation and think that yeast infections are in part connected to medications and prescription drugs, you are right. But a recent study of yeast infections in women caused by candida in the country of Nigeria provides evidence that not only is the problem a global one, but there are a number of other factors that suggest a cure for every woman is possible.

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Simple Problems

Many women in Western nations take advantage of modern medicine to treat everything from the common cold to uterine fibroids. In less advanced countries, the practices of monitored medication and basic feminine hygiene are either unknown or rejected by women. The study in Nigeria revealed a misuse of antibiotics and contraceptives by Nigerian women, in part due to women choosing to self-medicate. By identifying these simple yet critical problems, the occurrence of yeast infections can drop dramatically.

Simple Practices

Medical knowledge is not the only thing lacking that contributes to the high rates of yeast infection in the African nation. One doctor who was interviewed as part of the study said that some women would not change their panties until they became torn. This non-practice dramatically increased the likelihood of a candida infection as the unwashed panties end up being a breeding ground for an overpopulation of candida. When combining this with the overuse of antibiotics that kill off the body’s natural candida control mechanism, the result is expected.

Simple Identification

It was suggested in the report that recurring instances of yeast infections should result in a visit to the hospital to be certain the cause of the infection is candida albican. There are many types of candida, so it is important that the specific type that is causing the problem be identified.

For Western women, the answer to your specific yeast infection problem may be the same as the Nigerian women. Change your underwear daily, do not overuse antibiotics, and always consult with your doctor when a yeast infection becomes a recurring problem. Sometimes it is the simplest things that are overlooked because of too much knowledge. In many cases, the solution is simple.

How To Get Rid Of Your Yeast Infection Watch the Video ►

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